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Isn’t it great to be back? School’s back, routines are back, creative space is back.

The 74 Lime Lane household is dragging its way back into routine, both blog and family alike. No.1 returns to school today, #2 starts “big school” tomorrow. There has been a frantic rush of shopping new school shoes and lunchboxes and pulling out of uniforms. And some baking to fill those lunchboxes.

We’ve had a little renovation here at 74 Lime Lane and moved some of the furniture around. Nothing drastic. A work in progress.

With some semblance of routine, and two children at school, I am looking forward to getting back into things. I am currently doing the BYW class so making lots of notes and lists at the moment. As well, writing lots of things down in an effort to be organised, or at least appear so, or perhaps delude myself into thinking so.

This past week, we have spent time “creating” memories. Schedules mean we rarely venture far from home. But without the constraints of time, we have gone where the mood has taken us.

Like for a walk to the gardens to play cards.

A drive to the cool of the mountains.


Late afternoon walks to the park.

In between, I am working on some Valentine’s Day projects inspired by this. Gotta love bokeh! More soon.

Meanwhile, you can get this one here.

More creative spaces over at Kootoyoo’s new home!

ps. If you are dropping by, you might see that little link at the top right. I was {amazingly} nominated for a Poppies award. Up against some huge names, and some of my favourite blogs in fact. Very daunting. But if you haven’t yet voted, and feel inclined, could swing by and pop a vote in the ballot box for moi?

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  1. says

    Your space is looking lovely & yes it’s nice to get back into a bit of a routine.

    Lots & lots of people involved in this BYW I notice. Hope it’s going well for you.

  2. says

    Those cards are brilliant!

    So are your photos- really lovely, I wish I could get out of the city with my rugrats.

    I hope the return of routine brings you lots of creative time, space and inclination. Congrats on the poppy nomination too.

  3. says

    I am loving the new look! Uno is HUGE in our house at the moment. I’m a bit worried about the back to school routine next week. Better take a leaf out of your book and make myself some lists.

  4. says

    Hi there, Lovely photo of the notebook. Monday is back to school for us and the beginning of a new creative year. Need to make lists for more creative lunch boxes!

  5. says

    I’m sort of staggering over the finish line over here. But you have inspired some renewed energy – just to see if I can’t finish these holidays on a high! (besotted with the cards).

  6. says

    hello to the nominee…you should be so pleased! it is strange to think you are just getting back to school…your photos show a beautiful series of family time..i hope you really enjoy the class too.

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