lime light: joie de tea

Something a little different in lime light this week {disclaimer: and really only for the Aussie readers, apologies in advance}.

On chilly days, days filled with colds and flu, a cup of tea is really the great leveller. And that’s where Verity from joie de tea comes in.

With a background in natural therapies, Vertiy makes tea blends to suit any occasion or tea-discerning palette. I mean, how can you go past Apple Pie Rooibos or Chamomille Sunburst.

Also check out joie de tea’s policies for tips on brewing the perfect cup of tea.

{And our overseas friends, sadly because of customs restrictions, joie de tea does not ship outside Australia, but I suggest you check out her blog for a list of tea favourites around the world}

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for this unexpected and gorgeous feature Kellie! Much appreciated. Definitely nothing like a cup of hot tea to keep things together in this cold weather… Going to pop off and put the kettle on now! ;)

  2. says

    ooh, yet another yummy tea that i can’t get here!! we tried T2 while we were visiting and were sad that we couldn’t get it over here. these look so good.

    so nice to be back checking out everyone’s blogs :)


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