74 ways to be inspired: more tips for creative dips and troughs

Is it winter? Colds and flu? Gloomy weather? Rain?

I don’t know but the other day I had a list of of things to do, a list of projects to complete ~ but a distinct lack of motivation. I felt a little aimless. As much as I was excited about what I was working on, I couldn’t quite muster the energy to get up and do something about it.

Then another day, I flew around, gathering the things I needed, snapping away, tidying up ~ it was one of those strange days where I seemed to have lots of time to get things done. Why can’t I bottle those days for the days when I am moving at a breakneck speed but getting nothing done? Or the days when  my most productive movement is a useless click of the mouse.

To get things back on the creative track, I tend to write a list, flick through my flickr favourites, pick up a copy of a favourite magazine ~ new or from the archives ~ visit a favourite photography blog, get away from the computer and hit the pavement.

Creative block is something that comes up time and time again, in many shapes and forms. It might be the beautiful fabric you can’t decide what to do with, the photography shoot that isn’t coming together, the blank canvas. I’ve posted on it before here and here

Here’s some fresh inspiration to kick-start your creative drive:

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  1. says

    you’re so right – i have those days where i’m just raring to go and get a million things done – why can’t i bottle that feeling up for the days when i’m moving slow?! great links – i need to do that more – leave my desk :)

  2. says

    ohh definitely Kellie!
    I have many days like that when I want to do so much..or need to yet the motivation disappears out the proverbial window.
    thanks for the links, off to check them out.
    happy creating & loving the smarties & polaroids

  3. says

    this post resonates so clearly with me. blame it all on the season i think, or maybe it’s spending way too much time curled under the doona with a cuppa and the laptop

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