forget texting and tweeting


I love this ~ not only because the photo is so beautifully styled but the whole idea of leaving messages in a bottle. A much nicer way of writing notes like “don’t forget the milk”, don’t you think?

I imagine a lovely table in the hub of a house, small pieces of paper, pencils and this bottle, loving sons writing short notes to their mum for her to find while they are at school or football practice, even if it just says “I won’t be home in time for dinner”. (I am hoping this is my house in 10 years time when my two become teenagers.)

You can get your very own message bottle from Notemaker‘s Online Shop

my creative space

Wow Thursday has rolled around quickly this week ~ school is back, I’m back at the job that pays the bills, lots to do and a certain little one’s party to organise.

Hence these.

We are having a circus party (which goes with some things that have been happening at preschool – plus it seemed like such fun and there is not many years left where a circus party will be acceptable)  so I came up with these big top invites. I love the primary colours of the invites and am so, so pleased with the way they have come up (BIG shout out to Hubby who did lots of cutting and assembling and helped bring the concept to life).

The blue is just the backing and ‘the sky’, a yellow strip pasted on the blue has the party details (with some help from here) and Hubby made a big top out of card, held in place with a fastener to swing aside and reveal the details. (He even cut out the entrance to allow the peek inside  ~ so clever!) White envelopes with the names and the big top printed on labels completed the look.

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rainy days

{photos by Hubby | design by me}

Rain is often associated with grey and  misery but for me and our parched little area of the earth, it means colour. It’s a happy time.

After our first decent amount of rain in months, lawns have turned from an arid brown to a lush green and even though the leaves are turning, there is a more vibrant hue to their colour.

On rainy days, while snuggling under quilts, watching movies, hand-hugging cups of hot tea, the smell of a warming casserole wafting through the house (lovely), we also look out the window and see not a dreary day but freshness and hope. Mother Nature has a spring in her step after such a dry spell.

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