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Twitter on Paper is a free service by #Hash_Tag_King Sam Potts that generates hand-made one-of-a-kind editions of Twitter tweets. (via swissmiss)

{image by gretchenmist}

{image by gretchenmist}

Loving the work of gretchenmist who is part of the creative space meme. You can find her on flickr | blog | Or buy her artwork on etsy | madeit


Have you checked out the Living Creatively site ~ jam-packed with ideas, projects, forums with an online magazine. And its Australian!


Today is the last day to get your entries in for the May Giveway day, organised by Sew, Mama, Sew.

Check out all the listings for:

Handcrafted items

Handcrafted items + materials and supplies

Sewing and knitting supplies


Have you been to the Canon Creative Park ~ full of free print materials from gift cards to calendars. Find it here

35 things

{image by me}

{image by me}

A special birthday post ~ on this day, right this minute, 35 things that make me happy.

1. hubby

2. my two boys

3. the puppy

4. our good health

5. autumn sunshine

6 .beautiful photos

7. notebooks in all shapes and sizes and colours

8. freshly sharpened pencils

9. flowers

10. leisurely bike rides

11. choc chip cookies

12. scarves

{image by me}

{image by me}

13. teacups

14. my kitchenaid

15. stacks of folded fabric

16. scrabble tiles

17. sun-dried sheets

18. flickr

19. the boys learning to ride without training wheels

20. green tea

21. getting a pretty notecard in the mail

{image by me}

{image by me}

22. ribbons

23. my iphone

24. music ~ all kinds

25. picnics

26. children’s artwork

27. listening to no.1 play the piano

{image by me}

{image by me}

28. vintage mixing bowls

29. paper

30. taking more photos

31. my new Lime Lane sign

32. good food and wine

33. books

34. the internet and the blogosphere

35. sharing

{image by me}

{image by me}

sign of love & support

This is what my wonderful Hubby gave me for my birthday today ~ a street sign with my “address”. Isn’t it great!

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