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Thursday has rolled around quickly once again! This week’s creative space is in the kitchen where I am baking batches of cupcakes for the small one’s birthday.

Today, two dozen went off to preschool for sharing in these lovely little patty cases. (I love patty cases ~ almost as much as I love stationery!)

Tomorrow, more will be in the oven to be turned into clown faces for the circus extravaganza party this weekend.

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    Mmm… cupcakes. I’ve been thinking so much about cupcakes and owls lately, and reading others write about these topics as well.

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    All I can say is YUM! My son’s birthday party is next week and I can’t wait to have an excuse to do some baking. Unfortunately my lack of willpower means I’ve had to turn it into a ‘sometimes’ exercise!

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    Patty cases are awesome. And your pictures are so enticing!! There are a couple of great Etsy shops with fantastic patty cases for sale as well as amazing cake toppers.

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