cooking up a storm

Dreary rainy weekends are good for something ~ staying inside to cook. And cook I did.

After visiting the market in the morning, then the art gallery with the family, then the small ones’ soccer, and a grocery trip, I was all set for some goddess-like domesticity.

We cooked, ate and enjoyed:


This yummy soup ~ with some minor adjustments. One, I used minute chicken breast steaks and added pasta instead of the soup mix because it turned out I didn’t have any.


Served this apple and almond cake with custard, warmed up, for dessert.


Hubby and I had this green curry for dinner (and yes, we made the paste ourselves too). Scrumptious.


And a batch of these toblerone cookies are ready for lunchbox treats this week.

Need more ideas, check out Jemma’s recipe monday here.

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