today at the market

This is our bounty from the farmer’s market this morning. Plus some lovely red apples which didn’t make it to the picture.

And while this alone is not that exciting, I have to share this:

I’m in the vegetable produce stall, the owner of which my Hubby knows and is chatting to. I pick out a pumpkin and some leeks and a bag of potatoes for some yummy soup and we are tallying up when:

No.1: I want some broccoli. (we are standing in front of a box packed with broccoli)

Me: Broccoli. Well you can grab some broccoli.

We add broccoli to the bag and the bill. They try it raw.

No 1: I love broccoli. It’s my favourite vegetable.

Hubby: (in disbelief) What’s next ~ brussel sprouts!

(No.1 also ate some raw broccoli for lunch)

The stall owner also informed us the broccoli was picked at 4pm the previous afternoon. You’ve gotta love the market!

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  1. says

    Wow I can’t believe he ate raw broccoli, I have trouble getting my boys to eat it cooked (even at their age). Looks like a nice haul of vegies, what kind of soup are you going to make. We went to the farmers markets this morning…

    • Kellie says

      Ha I know, I couldn’t believe he ASKED for the broccoli. And on the menu in the next couple of weeks ~ leek and potato soup, pumpkin soup, and maybe a cheat’s french onion soup. I love soup!

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