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Let me start off by saying I am way over-excited. In a “doing a happy dance, want to jump up and down in absolute ecstasy, shaking with excitement” kind of way.

Let me also say, my plans for my space and my day were thrown completely out the window.

I am in the midst of making birthday cards and organising gifts for my parents’ birthday (which was postponed from earlier in the month) but a little package turned up.

And in that package was a new “old” toy. I snaffled a Polaroid camera on ebay. Ordered some film (which arrived first). So naturally I ripped open the packaging, found some instructions online, popped the film and waited to see what happened.

And that little picture there of the white carnations is what happened.

The cards will just have to wait.

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have fun with your fotos

{image by me}

{image by me}

Not everyone has access to Photoshop or has a host of camera equpiment. So I thought I would quickly share with you a couple of things on the www you can use to pizazz your photos.


Rounded corners does exactly that ~ rounds the corners of your photos.


Picnik is an online photo software program which features the basics as well as lots of  lovely effects and integrates well with your other online places. It has a free version and a premium paid version. Lucy has a great tutorial for making a photo collage with picnik over at her blog here.


Gimp is free ~  open source software that you download and install and can use to edit and retouch photos.


Polardroid turns your picture into a “polaroid”. It’s a downloaded application. {And be patient ~ it needs time to “develop”. You can “shake it” to make it go faster!}

{image by me}

{image by me}

If you have got a nice landscape or city scene, try running it through the TiltShift Maker and turn it into miniature!


Not to forget bighugelabs which have a host of different features over at their site from the popular mosiac maker, the warholizer, make a photo book, the list goes on.

pp_flickr pp_bucket

And you need somewhere to store and share you creative goodness  ~ try flickr or photobucket.

If you’ve got an tips or recommendations to add some pizzazz to your photos, share them in the comments below.

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