october ~ already!

Can you believe tomorrow will be October? The year is just flying by.

For us October means school holidays are here, a birthday (No.1) coming up and then before we knw it Christmas.

So here, once again and on time for a change, is my handy dandy download calendar. It comes in four sizes – A4 to hang up, A5 to perhaps fit in a diary and DLs in a horizontal and vertical for smaller diaries or spaces. There is room for some notes.

Hope you find it useful – as always feedback is welcome. If you think there is another size that would be useful, let me know. All are pdfs ~ right-click on the link and Save Target/Link As.


Get the A4 here

Get the A5 here

Get the horizontal DL here

Get the vertical DL here

74 ways to be inspired: workspaces

I don’t know about you but I love looking at the place where other people create ~ desks, studios, offices. I love seeing what is on their walls, their inspiration boards, their desks, how they organise their tools.

There is something to be said to sitting down at a newly organised space and being ready to create. This in itself can be so inspiring.

In Feng Shui, a messy workspace would be bad chi. The chi (energy) gets stuck in clutter and can’t t flow like it should. Under those principles, our creativity would get stuck, too. Whether we follow the ideas of feng shui or not, I think we have all been there where the clutter of the space is holding us back. It is hard to create when you can’t lay your hand on the tool you need or find the materials you want under layers of paperwork.

That doesn’t mean we need to be neat freaks either ~ sometimes the most creative space are filled with tools, materials, inspiration.


1. Storage Behind the Door, 2. The Shipping Center in My Studio, 3. The Shipping Center in My Studio, 4. My Studio

The gorgeous studio of Pink Loves Brown. See more here.


Books, books, books as seen on emma’s designblogg


Making the best use of space from Canadian House and Home. Find some tips on designing up your home office space here


The lovely space of Viv from ish and chi (via made by girl)


The colourful studio of Kate Gabrielle (via artists who blog)

{image by sfgirlbybay}

The beautiful desk area of blogger and photographer Victoria from sfgirlbybay


The light-filled space of designer Orla Kiely. See more here (via morning’s light)

What is your idea of an inspiring workspace?

ps. of course you can get a sneak peek into other people’s creative zones over at Kootoyoo’s every Thursday.

lime light: hello jenuine

{by hello jenuine}

{by hello jenuine}

I was flicking around flickr when I came across the work of Jen Collins of hello jenuine. This photo drew me in, it is so inviting isn’t it? And of course it announces the opening of her etsy shop earlier this month.


1. what i wore today, 2. What I Wore Today, 3. what i wore today, 4. what i wore today

Jen is an illustrator, is part of the what i wore today group, drawings from which you may have seen bobbing around the blogsphere, and a curator on sharesomecandy.


1. less talk more make, 2. home, 3. thank you thank you, 4. no place like home

She takes some lovely photos, too.


1. ingredients, 2. 17 feb findings, 3. 17 feb findings, 4. snow

etsy | blog | flickr | website

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