it’s the weekend, so …

… we are taking a bloggy break. A sickie, if you will.

In the midst of party preparations, I have a chest infection, coughy thing, which is driving me insane. My foggy head couldn’t think of anything, so instead, I’m chucking a sickie. Concentrating on my course of antibiotics and making sure No.1 has a good birthday weekend.

Enjoy your weekend.

Oh, and for our American friends, Happy Halloween.

my creative space …

A little bit of excitment this week with the weekend celebration of No.1’s birthday. A small party on Saturday afternoon followed by a family dinner, and then breakfast the following morning for his actual birthday.

So party preparations are in progress. There is no theme as such, just afternoon tea and colourful decorations. So some balloons and streamers take care of the decorations (and the bunting from this birthday) and for party bags I plan to decorate and seal the white paper bags with some colourful notepads, the paint set, pencils and a large chocolate freckle that I will pick up at the markets. Organise a couple of party activities and some food and we are all set.

Lucky for me, I accidentally picked up this little gadget when what we really needed was a carton of milk. I must have had it on my mind from here. I tested it out quickly for some seals for the party bags. They still need some work but it is fun to think of the possibilities.

What I should do is make a sticker out of my to-do list and stick it to my forehead. Then I might actually get something done!

For your creativity fix, head over to Kirsty’s.

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