blogtober ~ the tooth fairy cometh

Here at Lime Lane, the eldest of the small ones, who shall soon be turning 7, only recently lost his first tooth. This was a cause of great excitement because, at his age, he was starting to feel left behind, smiling through a mouthful of baby teeth. (And I’m told, although I have no idea if it is true albiet it makes sense, the later your get them the later they fall out. Master No.1 didn’t get his first baby tooth until about 13½ months old)

Of course there was an exchange of tooth and coin, a note. All very stealth like. And now, we again have an attack of the wobbles and turn to innovative ways to eat apples ~ there are claims two more are ready to fall.

Inspired by a post on Cuteable today, I go to thinking again about the tooth fairy. And its amazing what those crafty types can come up with.


Tooth fairy cushions by Sew Scrumptious {via Cuteable}


Make your own tooth fairy bags with The Purl Bee {via a little red ribbon}


Tooth fairy dolls by Aunty Cookie


A tooth fairy cottage door hanger by little bit funky


Or some monster fun with frank and me


Custom tooth fairy dishes for boys and girls from the brick kiln


And to celebrate, how about some happy tooth cookies from friendly creations.

Just make sure to brush your teeth afterwards.

{all images from their sources}

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    How cute are they all!! Around here we are desperately anticipating the first loss of a tooth by the just turned 6 year old. Our tooth fairy brings a couple of coins and a poem about how the tooth fell out. I think we might need to sew up a little softie with a pocket very soon. Congrats to your toothless one.

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