on this eve of new year

Happy New Year’s Eve! Got plans, planning a little shindig, heading out on the town, or maybe just curling up on the couch with a quiet drink and a list of resolutions {or perhaps something or someone nicer!}

Whatever you are doing, I thought I would quickly pop in with a very quick New Year’s Eve round-up.

blooming summer

Despite the heat, the garden is still showing some bursts of colour.


{our version of a christmas lily ~ we think they are criniums}

{roses ~ bokeh ~ bliss}

{a ring-in from the market}

{there's those christmas lights again!}

{and credit to hubby helped out with the pictures}

around here

A quick snapshot of what’s been happening around these parts over the Christmas break. Taking it a bit easy this week, remembering what it means to relax, taking time to regroup and hang as a family. Tis a bit nice!

Meringue in the making. We made meringue ~ for the first time ~ for Christmas dinner. With help from Jamie Oliver. The first one, well our over efficient oven cooked it far too quickly and it browned. In 20 minutes. Fail.

Luckily, take two turned out just fabulous, with the addition of whipped cream and tons of local berries.

We also feasted on some figgy puddings, courtesy of donna hay.

We used up the leftover baked pumpkin in ravioli, mixed with goat’s cheese. It gets my vote for best use of leftovers this year.

The day after Christmas ~ lego building time.

One last Christmas lights shot ~ all over for another year.

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