friday freebie ~ may calendar

Well here we are again ~ the start of another month just around the corner. Here is a printable calendar. As we are cooling down in the south for autumn and winter, while the north looks forward to warm days and summer nights, I tried to find a picture that would suit both hemispheres.

I am also in the throes of planning a complete 2011 calendar. One of my projects for the holidays and I have to say I am a little buzzed about the possibilities.

The files are pdfs ~ right-click on the link and Save Target/Link As.

{for personal use only, feel free to share but link back to this post ~ thank you}

juicy stuff: i ♥ polaroid

A little collection of perfect pola goodness.

  1. Camera candle from Urban Case {via The Design Boards}
  2. Letterpress polaroid album from Racing Snail Press {via simple + pretty}
  3. Polaroid necklace from Angie Cope
  4. Magnets from Little Jane St
  5. French polaroid notes from Nothing Elegant

And in other news

my creative space

I’m a little excited as this Thursday rolls around ~ as for me it means the start of a little holiday time from the full-time grind of work. So for the next couple of weeks,  I get to be a stay at home mum {and a full-time blogger}.

In an effort to get the absolute best out of my break {with small ones still in school }, my creative space this week is all about the planning. I have put together a holiday schedule, mapping out what I would like to do and when to do it. As someone who thrives on a crossed-off-to-do list, I figure if it is down on paper, it might actually get done. There’s no military precision here, just some gentle guidelines, manageable tasks, and a day of the absolutely-have-to {read: taxes}, rewarded the following day with a oh-how-I-absolutely-want-to {photo play day}.

And with the pressure on from last week, I “built” {term used very, very loosely} my Eiffel Tower. It’s 2-D, although I did try and over complicate matters by making it 3-d but it wasn’t going to work. The amazing thing, it does indeed stand up by itself, proving the Eiffel Tower really is an engineering marvel.

Thanks to Kootoyoo for hosting

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