paper trail: clever cards

Wanna make someone smile ~ send them a cool notecard. Everyone loves receiving some mail that’s not a bill, but how cool would it be to receive one of these funky cards in your mailbox?

  1. Give someone a hug with this grizzly bear diecut card
  2. Puzzle me this with a lovely heart card from Kikki K
  3. Build your own New York with these postcards {also check out their free models}
  4. Spaceman and clown cards from Notemaker
  5. Send a smile with this smiley card set

{images from their respective sources}

lime light: sweet william

Remember the other week when I going on about talent in our very own backyard, after searching around on madeit. While a lot of Aussie sellers are also on etsy, they are so much easier to find on madeit, first because it is all-Australian, and second, it’s smaller which makes finding things that much easier.

And that’s how I came across Sweet William ~ in their own words: “An eclectic mix of art prints, dolls and paper goods”.

Sweet William is the collaboration of Shelley and Paula. In fact, I’m sure I have come across their work before in the blogosphere, but sometimes there is just that moment when you it all clicks and you think, oh I “know” them.

There lovely prints would make excellent gifts, don’t you think?

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inspiration files

I am having a lot of fun over at pinterest ~ browsing, pinning, being inspired.

All the images this week have been found over there, except that lovely one with the green light that I pinned myself.

Clockwise from top left: via fint; via havenspie; via amanda thomas; via aura home; via havenspie.

You can find more at my board.

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