my new year’s resolutions {also called my to do list for 2011}

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone, or happy new year if we are already at the other side when you read this. I’m really excited for 2011, especially as I will be starting it with some holidays for my “other” job!

So, I thought I would share my new year’s resolutions, although really they are like a list of things I want to achieve for the year. I plan to print them out and pin them up too, to keep myself accountable and on track. It’s a bit of an eclectic mix of things that I need to do, or things that have struck a chord with me or things I want to improve on. I gathered all my thoughts and notes and brought them together into a list of actions. Some are simple, some will be ongoing. I would like to think it is a realistic list for the new year.

And I’ve put them into a list of 11 for 2011 {which I have seen around but now can’t remember where …}. The first few relate to my creative goals for 2011 {tagged cg}. I haven’t included them all here but instead have included a few to “action”. Over the next few weeks and beyond, I’ll also be sharing some of the ways I’m ticking off the items on my list and turning them into doing.

The list of 11 for 2011:

  1. Grow my blog and shop {cg}
  2. Start a Lime Lane newsletter {cg}
  3. Improve my book-keeping {cg}
  4. Set sales targets {cg}
  5. Get organised ~ which could really entail about 37 others lists but I’ll keep it short and sweet {cg}
  6. Look at ways to improve our eating habits {see point 5}
  7. Send more mail
  8. Buy more handmade gifts {also see point 5}
  9. Take more photos
  10. Donate blood ~ at least make an appointment to find out if I can again {inspired by this lady ~ hope she doesn’t mind me linking to this but I thought it was one of the most inspiring posts this year}
  11. Focus on quality family time {again, point 5}

Just a note on No.11, one thing my, albeit brief, experience with #reverb10 taught me, was that those moments of the year that truly made a mark on me, were very extraordinary moments of family time in ordinary situations. I want to make sure we have more opportunities to create those moments.

Have you made a list for 2011. Feel free to share it here, or leave a link to your own blog. I find other’s people lists really inspiring, usually full of lots of ideas I can adopt for my own life.

And, of course:


january calendar download

I tell you what, the whole new year thing really hit me when creating the calendar for January, because I had to type 2011. Wow, 2011. What happened to 2010?

So here we are, on the eve of a new year, new month, new day, a new calendar.

I’ve used my typewriter photo I took earlier this month for some bright-coloured pop to start the new year. I’ve tweaked the design, too, to add a little to do list down the side to write things {you can never have too many lists}.

The file is a pdf ~ right-click on the link and Save Target/Link As.

Get your January calendar here

If you have any trouble downloading the files, please email me and I will send one out to you ~ just let me know the size.

{for personal use only, feel free to share but link back to this post ~ thank you}

new year calendar sale

After the success of my last-minute Christmas gift sale, I’m running a quick sale on all the printable calendars in my Etsy shop. From today until January 2, all PDF calendars are half-price.

This includes the printable Letters calendar ~ now only $3 ~ and the DIY calendar ~ now only $1.

All pdfs will be emailed within 24 hours. Please make sure you choose the correct one ~ A4 or US letter size.

Shop here

ps. Aussie buyers. If you would like to take advantage of this on madeit, go right ahead and shop, wait for a new invoice or I will refund the discount via paypal.

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