lime light: using found objects

I spotted a quirky little guy on the Etsy front page a while back and was instantly taken in by him and his mates. I had created a draft post on them which was one of the items I lost in the great crash of 2011 a few weeks ago. Sadly, it also meant I lost the name of the shop and the link.

This week, I went looking for it again {and finally found it thanks to my Firefox history!} but I also stumbled across another great shop in my search.

I haven’t done a lime light in a while so today I bring you two shops that use recycled and found objects to make all sorts of creative critters.

The first is Practical Creativity. Ken Judd lives in Seattle with his wife and young son. He has a history as a craftsman and maker. Check out his profile to find out how the Robot Pioneers were born ~ it’s a great story.

The second is Heavy Metal Milkman, isn’t that a great name. Steven, from Tennessee is a single dad and the impetus of losing a job saw him turn to his talents to make a living. I love the animals with the viewfinder eyes and the fondue pot head robots.

These shops are both fairly new to Etsy so make sure you pop over and give them a heart.

{images from their respective sources}

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