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First off, following on from last week, I did it! I went out, took a roll of film and amazingly it worked. As in the film turned out, and making time to be creative worked, too. In fact I followed it through the weekend and carried my cameras with me. It’s nice to have some mojo back.

This week, it’s all about the photos. I’ve been lucky enough to get two little lovelies that have helped boost the photo mojo a little bit more.

One is up there ~ a new polaroid camera, which works an absolute treat. It’s so speedy compared to my other one. It is a little newer, even has a digital film counter! But paired with some expired 600 film {yes, I’m fortunate to still have some}, it takes a beautiful photo. I was so happy when it spat out this photo yesterday.

The other one, is a vintage Kodak duaflex ~ perfect for some TTV. I tried it yesterday to limited success ~ I need to rebuild my contraption for better length and fit. Then I might be on my way to some serious photo fun.

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juicy stuff: down the line

Geometry is grouse again, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

  1. A Sequence of Lines Traced by Five Hundred Individuals from clement valla on Vimeo {via design crush}.
  2. Lines tote by pawling
  3. Water lines via pinterest from
  4. Painted abstract wood art by paintsquare
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright letterpress print by seesaw

{images from their respective sources}

tuesday’s top 5: sweet tweeting tools

{telegraph by me}


Do you tweet? Are you among the tweeps? Maybe you are looking to get among the twitterific crowd?

Twitter ~ love it, hate it, addicted to it, don’t really get it, don’t really care? If the latter is you, feel free to “mark as read” and I’ll catch you next post, because this list is for all the twitterers out there.

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has gained an estimated 190,000 million users. So it is no wonder it has spawned its own growth industry in third party applications to help you manage your Twitter prescence.

Lately I’ve come across some new to me tweeting tools that look quite useful so today I thought would compile a list of Twitter tools to help you get the most of what you want out of Twitter.

  1. Managing your tweets: I use Tweetdeck, but I know others like Hoot Suite. I like Tweetdeck’s interface and corresponding iPhone app. So it’s my preferred tweeting tool.
  2. Want to clean up your account: Tweepi has a nice interface to check your followers and who are following. It allows you to give your list a spring clean and find new followers.
  3. Missing in action: Feeling ruthless or wondering where someone is? Untweeps is similar to Tweepi but looks for those who have stopped tweeting.
  4. Don’t want to know what’s happening in your favourite TV show or perhaps your feed is being filled with a chat you’re not interested in:  Twick Twock comes to your rescue, allowing you to temporarily unfollow someone.
  5. Streamline it: Have your blog or shop post directly to twitter using Twitterfeed, or use {part of Stumble Upon} to post content to multiple social media websites with just one click.

And check out this interview with Tweetdeck’s Community Manager Richard B arley

This is by no means an exhaustive list so if you’ve got a handy Twitter tool or tip, be sure to leave it in the comments.

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