time to look back ~ how are those new year goals going?

{snapshot by me}

Rounding out the week with a little reflection today.

So, the end of April is nigh, a quarter of the year long gone, and this week I wanted to go back to the goals I set myself at the start of the year.

It’s time to reassess, reflect, move forward, reset those goals. Reboot, in computer terms.

To recap, at the start of the year I made a list of 11 for 2011. The first few relate to my creative goals for 2011 {tagged cg}.

Taking it from the top, here’s how I am going so far:

The list of 11 for 2011:

  1. Grow my blog and shop {cg} Well, I’ve got this half done. The blog is growing, I started having advertising on the blog.
  2. Start a Lime Lane newsletter {cg} Done! And ongoing. Big tick on this.
  3. Improve my book-keeping {cg} Hmmm, a straight out no, one to work on.
  4. Set sales targets {cg} In January I clicked over 100 sales on Etsy, which was my first goal. But sadly I haven’t set any since. So time to do some more.
  5. Get organised {cg} An ongoing process, I’m working on it. Always thinking about it. I would have to say minimal real progress though.
  6. Look at ways to improve our eating habits Hubby and I went sugar-free in February-March and cut the small ones’ intake, too. This was a completely direction to which I was expecting but we are seeing results.
  7. Send more mail. Another yes and no. I have managed to send more packages just for the sake of sending them, but at the same time, I’ve failed to fulfill some deadlines of my own, yet.
  8. Buy more handmade gifts I have been buying more handmade items, more for me than anything though.
  9. Take more photos. On a good day, I have. Like yesterday, I took my Diana out for a walk with the small ones and the dog. Other days, not so much.
  10. Donate blood ~ at least make an appointment to find out if I can again {inspired by this lady} I am a little ashamed to say I have only just ticked this off. I did this this week. Gave blood. But also made my next appointment so hoping to get on a regular schedule of doing it.
  11. Focus on quality family time I’m going to give myself a tick here. I have managed to walk away from the computer and spend time with the family. I’ve managed to organise my days better to do things with the small ones. It could be better, but we have to start somewhere!

So, action points!

  1. I need to put more into the shop. Lots of  ideas, not enough time. Need to schedule that in.
  2. Do the damn book-keeping {cg}
  3. Keep working on that organisation {cg}
  4. Keep sending mail, buying handmade gifts,  taking photos and focusing on quality family time.

There’s still some goals to achieve . And that’s okay ~ there’s still a chunk of the year left. Looking back on it makes me realise which areas I need to work on and how I might do that.

I’ll see you back here in another few months to go over it again.

If you made any resolutions or goals, do you like to look over them and see how you are going?

friday freebies: love and mums

I haven’t done a little round-up of loveliness from the internet but with Mother’s Day is just around the corner, here’s a collection of lovely things for mum and treasured people.

  1. Sweet door hanger for mum from Twig and Thistle
  2. Beautiful tea time print from the Feed Your Soul art project
  3. Mother’s Day wraps for chocolate bars from Yellow Heart Art
  4. Compliment bunting from How About Orange
  5. You Shine card from Kind Over Matter

{images from their respective sources

creative space ~ a lick of paint, a dollop of love and a dash of time

Hello Thursday ~ I thought you would never come and here you are so suddenly again.

This week is flying by, which I suspect has something to do with all those public holidays at the start of it.

If you’ve been following along, you would already know I’ve spent the weekend wielding a paintbrush. Sadly not on canvas, but on the kitchen walls and windows.

So I’ve been creating a new kitchen space. With lovely clear benches and a minimum of clutter.

When it was done I created a big spread for dinner ~ chicken, leek and mushroom pies for us, chicken nuggets and chicken sausage rolls for the small ones, creamy potato bake for all.

Then, up early this morning to make chocolate  chip cookies for lunchboxes.

Now, with school finally back in, I’m looking forward to creating a little quiet time for myself in the next couple of days before my holidays are also over.

And I have to work on creating a smaller to do list.

Kirsty is back from a lovely Tasmanian trip ~ lucky thing ~ and is gathering the creative types over here.

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