friday freebie ~ a creative chatterbox

Do you remember these from school? I actually couldn’t make them at school ~ always had to rely on someone else to do the folding. Thankfully now I have Hubby! {although I did fold this one myself, so I have learnt something since school}.

My small ones  have been playing with versions {ie. monster ones} of these this week and so I thought it would be fun to make up a version for creative types, so when you are feeling in a bit of a creative rut or have a case of creative block, you can pick this up, play along and it will give you an a little inspirational break to get the creative juices flowing again.

Now, I’ve used ideas that might work for me, but you might have something different. Share them here in the comments and I’ll put together another one with your ideas.

Download the creative chatterbox here

Print, cut around the outside square and fold. There are instructions for folding one here

Sharing is caring: feel free to blog and uses this images, just link back to this post ~ thanks.


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