tuesday’s top 5: iphone + photography = hours of fun


my instagrid

So you know how I take photos and all that, call myself a bit of a photographer. I’ve got a confession to make: I can’t take a decent photo with my iPhone to save myself. Shaky, blurry, too slow, miss the shot, wrong crop ~ I am hopeless.

Which is why I love iPhone photo apps ~ they make something out of my ordinary iPhone photos. And they can keep you amused when you are watching small ones ~ and big ones ~ play soccer, at the school sports carnival or waiting for your lunch to arrive at your favourite cafe.
So today, it’s all about iPhone apps aka the apps that make my dodgy photos look good.

Five I have:

  1. Instagram: Along with its cool filters, I love this app as an easy way to upload to twitter. Also its another great way to connect with your tribe ~ also known as your online friends. I’ve used instagrid above to pull them all into one website.
  2. Tiny Planet: got this one from dooce – hours of fun with your existing photos turning them into surreal works of art.
  3. Hipstamtic: great concept and great interface. Fun to use.
  4. Incredibooth: only available on iphone4 but turns your phone in to a photo booth, hours of silly fun for all ages.
  5. PS express: what can I say, I’m an adobe nerd, so love the opportunity to have this on my phone.

Five I’d like to try:

  1. Everyday:  reminds you to take a self-portrait every day. This might be a great way to improve my iphonography skills.
  2. Diptic: for instagram, put together multiple photos in a new image.
  3. Postagram: instagram with a “snail mail” component, send someone you love a postcard
  4. 360 panorama: twirl and take ~ ta da, panorama
  5. Halftone: I can never resist a cool effect.

Also check out:


the gift of quality time and taking a snapshot

autumn avenue

Happy Monday! It’s a special day for me today ~ pop over to my facebook to see if you can figure out why?

Already this is shaping up to be a busy week here at Casa Lime Lane. A new month looms on the horizon, the newsletter will be going out this week as well as all the usual things happening around le blog.


I look back on the weekend rather fondly, as I took the eldest {Master 8 almost 9} for a little photowalk. He with his point and shoot, me with all my gear, and we popped around a few unusual places to take some photos before hitting the local gardens before dusk.

His enthusiasm was nothing short of infectious and he assures me he would love to do it again.


These are some of my digital photos from the day. I also took some shots with Diana mini and some polaroids so there is some scanning in my future.

He took lots of self-portraits and tree pictures for his own little blog {I’m starting them young!}. And I ensured I took some selfies of both of us {including a precious polaroid shot} to mark the occasion.


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