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{start writing ~ by me}

Did you ever want to be a writer? It always seemed like such a romantic notion ~ tapping away on old typewriters, cluttered cottages on isolated cliffs, dog-eared notebooks filled with scrawled ideas and notes. I’ve been thinking a lot about writing lately ~ as an outlet, as a learning tool, as a way of keeping “the little grey cells” working.

I love everything about writing ~ books, notebooks, piles of paper scrawled with ideas, typewriters, pens, the ideas, the planning. I can be swept away with all those fancied notions about writing.

Anybody can be a writer ~ for themselves or for others. The internet allows you to self-publish with a blog or an e-book. Maybe you already have a blog, maybe you would like to start one, maybe you just want to to tap away on your laptop.

And while the cottages on the cliffs might be hard to come by, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a writer in your own way. Here’s a list of lists to help bring out the writer within.

  1. Learn from a master ~ Hemingway’s tips for writing well
  2. Don’t know what to write about ~ a list of endless wells of inspirations
  3. Ditch Word and get back to basics ~ a round-up of web-based wordprocessors
  4. Location, location, location ~ surround yourself with writing inspiration
  5. Good grammar goes a long way ~ five mistakes that make you look dumb

So what will you write about today?

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