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Did I mention I was on holidays this week? And you know what that means, lying by the pool, sipping cocktails and flipping through magazines.


The reality is of course it is winter and I am cosied up in my study with the rays of my computer keeping me warm. So lucky I can still flick through magazines with the click my mouse.

Matchbook Magazine is now up to its sixth issue and just keeps getting better.

The latest issue hit the virtual shelves today and a quick click flick {say that three times fast} pulls up delights like a story on Harper Lee and even one on the humble striped shirt. Not to mention a gorgeous spread on cover girl Rebecca Minkoff whose lovely clothes and accessories are pictured here.

Go over and take your dose of pretty.

Matchbook Magazine and also check out their lovely blog

{images by Jamie Beck for Matchbook Magazine}

my creative space: the excitement of a pile of paperwork


It’s hardly worth writing home about but all I have been able to create this week is this pile of sorted receipts ready for calculating to do my tax return. The thing is that I am months ahead of schedule doing this. I’m still waiting to get my tax return back from the previous financial year and only just paid the accountant’s invoice to make sure I could add it to this pile of paperwork.  What can I say ~ taxes and bookkeeping are not my thing.

But you know what this pile of paperwork also says ~ mission accomplished! I said I would do it, I picked a day, I did it. That’s a great feeling!

I have been spending a week at home catching up on things, organising things, cleaning things. It hasn’t been overly creative but it has felt good.

In no order:

  • I cleaned out the laundry so I could actually get in there and use the ironing board without causing myself an injury.
  • I sorted through the year’s receipts ready to put together our tax returns.
  • I’ve indulged in a little retail therapy and played a lady who lunches with a friend.
  • I’ve been crossing things off my to do list.
  • I’ve enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum for a week as the small ones finish up term 2.

Hubby asked me last night if I was having a nice holiday, despite the fact we/I are not going anywhere. And I said absolutely. And why, because I’m getting things done, in my own pace, in my own time. It’s been grand. {He also sweetly said the other day, when I flagged that I would be spending the day with a box of receipts for company, that was I doing something for me ~ yep, new jeans and a facial are part of my week, too.}

our creative spaces


{paper trail} the one where I’m supposed to be doing my taxes …

{paper trail} procrastination plus ~ it's tax time

The end of June means the end of the financial year here in Australia, which means tax return time. Now I am the most hopeless procrastinator when it comes to doing taxes. And I set aside time today to get things organised for the impending approach of the EOFY {not the snazziest acronym in the world, is it?}

But, as any good procrastinator would, in the face of daunting and tedious task, I instead searched all my favourite places for some lovely things that would make tax time a little more fun and a little brighter.

So what do I need to get my taxes in order, let’s see:

Well first, I need something to add up all those figures, so how about a vintage Hermes adding machine from 2 little owls {1}, and I can keep track of my figures in a Düller Croquis Notebook from Vetted {2}, using a set of a test scoring pencils from The Museum of Useful Things {3}, then I could file away my receipts and bits and bobs using Cavallini and Co’s vintage office stamps from paper 2 {4}, stay organised with Kikki-K’s finance adhesive tags {5}, keep all my notes together in this document case from The LetterBox Co {6}, and then stay on track with the Behance Action Journal from Notemaker {7}.

Guess I can’t put it off any longer, I’m off to jump into a pile of receipts. Wish me a soft landing.

{images from their respective sources}


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