tuesday’s top 5: the one where i admit to my magazine addiction

the one where i confess to my magazine addiction

{stacks ~ Inside Out print by Victoria Reichelt}

So I have a confession to make ~ I’m a magaoholic. I love the internet, I love blogs, I love online magazines but you can’t beat the glossy pages of a good mag. Or as it would seem in my case, a good home or cooking mag.

While sorting my collection of donna hay magazines the other day {all 1 to 57, including annuals, but who’s counting?} I thought why not share my favourite magazines, the ones I buy without fail every month, or two months, whatever the case may be.

Although, these days the list is really only a top 4. These are the four magazines I buy without fail, barely looking at the cover. To confirm my addiction, I also have every issue, of each of those top 4. Yes, that’s a lot of magazines in this house {luckily I have spread them around so no one really notices}. It also means I can’t stop buying them.

So number 5 is the honourable mentions ~ ones I bought for several years and still have tucked away. The cooking ones I still use often, they include some of my stand-by recipes.

On to the list:

  1. Donna Hay
  2. Real Living
  3. Inside Out
  4. Delicious
  5. Honourable mentions: Home Beautiful, Australian Good Taste, Australian Table which was replaced by Australian Good Food.

I’m filled with a sort of patriotic sense of pride by the fact that some of my Aussie favourites, like donna hay and real living, are also so well received overseas.

I also have collections of the short-lived Australian versions of marie claire living and elle cuisine. Anybody remember them?

In this digital age, do you still buy magazines? What are your favourites?

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  1. Renee says

    I can totally relate, after moving again this weekend I decided beforehand to cull my recipe/food magazine collection. I was so shocked to realise I had magazines in there from mid 2005 :O hence htey have moved with me 4 times including thousands of kilometres. I’ve since told my husband that I’m now only allowed to buy Masterchef (have a yearly subscription) & Donna Hay.

    • says

      I have some from 2005 too! I did do a big cull recently of some other “genres” that I really don’t read. The cooking and home ones I go back to time and time again. That’s my excuse for hanging on to them!

  2. says

    They are some of my favorite mags too. I must admit I still buy ‘hard copy’ magazines, but the Martha Stewart Living mag on iPad is pretty phenomenal…tutorial videos, sound, loads more photos for each recipe etc. Plus at $4.99 it sure beats the hard copy imported price of about $16 I was paying at Borders!

  3. says

    lol! I a a magaholic too! I recently got some of my addiction a bit under control! I rip a lot of mine apart for my visual or inspiration journal though! But I have had as many as a stack of 30 semi current issues at one time..

    a few of my faves
    Whole living
    Several yoga magazines

  4. says

    oh my, I love a good magazine collection!
    i have to admit though, the only one I ever purchase when it comes out is Donna Hay. i then have my faves that I buy from opshops, ie, delicious, aus gourmet traveller, notebook & real living.

    some are dated as far as 2000…gee, that sounds bad .

    gorgeous pic as always Ms Kellie ♥

  5. ally says

    Kellie – you might be my long lost twin :-)
    I have just donated every single issue of delicious ever to the daycare centre (their web site is fabulous) but am hanging onto all those Notebooks, Real Living, Donna Hay and Australian Country Style ones a tad longer (we are all out of room!!)
    I usually slip Home Beautiful, House and Garden and Inside Out into the supermarket trolley.
    I suspect I could fly to London each year instead of all this – but I love to read :-) (and hoard)

  6. Lee Tran, Inside Out says

    Hi Kellie,
    We’re so glad you made your list! And we’re especially glad that you love the Victoria Reichelt print.
    Thanks for the lovely write-up (and long live magazine addictions, they’re the best kind)!
    All the best,
    Lee Tran

  7. Megan Y says

    I am a Super Food Ideas magazine-aholic! I have stuff from 2004.
    I am also just a cookbook/magazine-aholic.

    My housemate just moved out so I have been rearranging. I have one massive box full of recipe magazines and books! I have tried to cull them, but cant bear to…yet!

  8. says

    Ah, Kellie, you make me smile. My faves are Home Beautiful, Australian Country Style, Real Living, Inside Out and (the late lamented) Notebook. J x


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