weekend zest ~ pencil in some time for some sunday reading

friday afternoon

friday afternoon ~ taken with my iPhone

Popping in a little late with the linky love this weekend ~ we have such a packed weekend celebrating birthdays, going to parties and weekend sports, and playing monopoly with the small ones, it has been jam-packed.  But, I’m not really sorry because I have spent some lovely time with my little family and sometimes, sometimes you just have to sweep everything else aside and go with it.

But, I still have a long list of fabulous things to share. The internet is bursting with goodness as always.

Three of a kind ~ pretty pencils:

  1. Patterned pencils from Minikin
  2. Pencil dice from Buy Sebastian Bergne
  3. CDT pencils from Vetted

{in case you missed it  ~ tweets from the week. Follow me here}

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