{organisation week} make a wish ~ to not forget another birthday


Got to admit, bit hopeless when it comes to birthdays. Apart from my immediate family, and my parents, I’m rarely organised and sometimes, okay, often, forget people’s birthdays. Or I just never get around to sending that present that is still sitting on the shelf.

Nothing makes you feel bad like missing a birthday.

So one of my big goals for the week is making up a proper birthday calendar with the aim of being ready armed with gifts and cards. {And let’s just say that will start in August because my mum’s birthday is next week and I still haven’t bought her a present}.

I’m approaching it two ways.

  1. Using my trusty Google calendar and sync with my iPhone, I’m going to add everyone’s birthdays. The benefit of this will be reminders that both things can send me. Google calendar will also show me at a glance any upcoming birthdays and using its multiple calendar feature, all the birthdays can be put on the birthday calendar and shared with Hubby so no one need ever forget again. I also love the fact that these days you can tell it to repeat every year.
  2. Write up a perpetual calendar for the wall. If you write it down, you remember, right. Plus, it’s always good to have an analogue version for those times you can’t be bothered turning on the computer.

And to get us all started:

  1. Perpetual birthday calendar download from The Project Girl
  2. Make a birthday calendar from a photo album with Simponsized Crafts
  3. Pretty birthday reminder clipboard tutorial from eighteen25

How do you remember your friends and family’s birthdays?

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  1. Megan Y says

    I am very much an iPhone reminder kind of girl for Birthdays! I have every intention of putting them into my diary, and using my diary, but I know straight away thats the last place I will look!

    So the phone is great. It sends me my reminders and yes it has the added bonus of yearly repeat!

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