{weekend zest} because weekends are for taking it slow

Don't we all need a reminder every once in a while

don't we all need a reminder ... taken with my iPhone while out walking yesterday

So I’m a little later than usual with this weekend’s zesty wrap-up of the week. But I promise I have a good reason.

Yesterday I slowed down.

I hopped off the deadline merry-go-round anyway. It was a busy enough day. We had a big sports carnival for the small ones that took up a sizeable chunk of the day, and afterwards, we got out and enjoyed what was the most glorious sunny end-of-winter kind of day with a ride, scooter, walk while I scoped out a photography spot I had been eyeing off for weeks. It was next to a bike path so while the small ones and Hubby got on their wheels and rode up and down, I walked, and squatted, and stopped to take photos.

I was so glad to take that time and just be, enjoy the day, the time, the family. And right at the end I saw this sign.

Because we all need that reminder every once in a while.

So put  your feet up, grab a cuppa, and slow down. Find some great reading right here.

Toe-tapping goodness from The Flashdance

{zest links} weekend reading

Going to put reading magazines on my iPad on my to do list today. Apparently it’s a great way to enjoy some online loveliness, like these:

quotidien latest

1. eighteen, 2. nineteen, 3. twenty

don’t forget to check out quotidien ~ my everyday iPhone photos blog. I’m having lots of fun over there.

{in case you missed it ~ tweets from the week. Follow me here}

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