{tuesday’s top 5} quick and easy crafty holiday ideas

{tuesday's top 5} quick and easy crafty holiday ideas

Ah yes, the noise of school holidays, the cacophony punctuated by “I’m bored” and “what can I do now?”

I wanted some simple ideas to throw at the small ones ~ ideas that weren’t too messy, used things we had on hand, and that they would have a go at completing themselves. And of course, they had to suit their interests.

  1. Make stamps out of foam stickers and bottle caps with Mama Jenn
  2. Make pom-poms {okay that might be for me!} with a rainbow tutorial at kraftcroch
  3. Fingerprint drawing at kokokokids
  4. Got Angry Birds fans? Paper toys and colouring sheets
  5. And you are never too old for some caterpillar fun. Head over to Eric Carle’s site

Bonus: And don’t forget about Made by Joel’s awesome cities and for some fun crafts, check out Kids Craft Weekly which delivers ideas straight to your inbox.

Got any great holiday ideas to share? Leave them in the comments.

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