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quoteable quotes

Blogtoberfest is drawing to a close this week and I have really enjoyed finding quotes this past month. I might have to keep it up even after the end of the month.

So today, in honour of blogtoberfest and blogtoberfest ~ words 2011 I thought I would host a simple meme to share some inspiration and to also get you through the last few days of blogtoberfest.

It’s really easy ~ just share your favourite quote.

It might be an oldie but  goodie, a new favourite or one you haven’t even found yet.

You can just share it in a post, write it down, take a photo or if you’re stuck, re-blog one of mine!

Then just pop back and link your post up here. I would love to hear what words inspire you.

I’ll be popping back a bit later with one of my favourites.

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