{74 ways*} on worrying ~ warts and all

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{cause we should all aim to be more like mellow yellow here}

My name is Kellie and I’m a worrier.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately been worrying, or worrying about worrying perhaps.

I have a long history of worrying. And its close friends ~ anxiety, panic attacks and insecurity.

I guess my big adventure has brought this to the forefront of my mind again. I was amazed actually how calm I was leading up to the weekend. Leaving the house usually makes me a little panicky. And the fact that, despite delays, I was also calm about catching a shuttle and getting into the city by myself, and was going to be four hours late for the event that I had completely over-psyched myself up for, was also a revelation. Although, to be fair, my joie de vivre naturally didn’t last and I reverted to form, shy, panicking and a bumbling nervous wreck for the rest of the afternoon. (I know, it’s a wonder I ever managed to land myself a husband).

And then I start to wonder if anxiety is genetic. No. 1 is collecting irrational fears like football cards ~ the dark, storms, birds, small dogs, our dog, errant butterflies and heights.

So back in the real world this week, I suddenly started to see snippets everywhere about worrying. If I was the philosophical sort, I might say they were signs from the universe.

And the general theme: worrying is a waste of time.

But to err is human, and to worry is human. And if we err, than we are probably going to worry about it.

Our day to day fears and worries, for the most part, are unfounded. It’s not to say it won’t happen, but the odds are it won’t. And when you think about it, the more likely your worries are, the less likely they are to have any long-term effect.

Cheer up, it may never happen.

Yeah, while I’m unlikely to ever stop worrying, I can certainly aim to clear the space in my head for much nicer thoughts.

What about you? Are you a worrywart?

What got me thinking?:

* 74 ways was once 74 ways to be inspired. But I’m thinking of turning it into just 74 ways, sort of a 74 ways on life, for those occasional more thoughtful and reflective posts that don’t really fit it to any where else. Bit like me!

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  1. says

    Although we prefer to be living worry free, I wonder if our minds secretly thrive on worries. Because when I have sorted my worries I enter this amazing, euphoric state for half a day, and almost immediately after my mind finds something new to stress about. The brain cannot help itself.
    Melissa G is talking about ..Rainy Day Doll HouseMy Profile

  2. says

    I have found out that I worry irrationally about parking.
    If I am going to a big event, I worry that I won’t find a park! Fireworks display….where am I going to park? School Fair…..will there be enough parking or will we have to walk a mile?!
    I fell a bit sick over it too, which is annoying.
    I would love to turn up to a huge event and be like, “I’m sure I will find a park” and leave it at that!

    All the best with your worrying!
    Mika is talking about ..5 Great Finds: Info on Toddler Activities, Rapunzel Hair Tutorial, Bread Bowl Recipe, Homemade Gift Guide, Crochet Ripple TutorialMy Profile

    • says

      Parking, see there’s another one! And it’s the feeling sick part the “worries” me, I don’t want to feel sick with worry, there are more important things and all that. Thank you so much Mika for sharing that.

  3. SB says

    (( hugs)) I don’t drop by as often as I’d like but saw this heading on fb and came to visit. I didn’t know you were a worrier? Worry is exhausting sometimes. Mr 9 in our house has had heaps of anxiety in the past. I think there is a genetic link for sure- not me, but my m-in-law, she’s a huge worrier. I’ve found stuff on the net if you want it (just msg me). And I hope your weekend was fantastic! You’ve got so much awesome-ness going on (this blog, your photos, your kids, husband, your talents & style). An anxious heart weighs a man down … Proverbs 12:25

    • says

      Hey lovely, so great to see you, we must catch up elsewhere soon! And really, because the panic attacks started at that grand place we shared believe it or not, they just weren’t diagnosed till several years later! Our 9yo are obviously sharing something in the universe with anxiety, have you combated that to some extent? I would be interested in some of that! And thank you, you are a gem!

  4. says

    Kellie, I am a worrier too! Thanks for these thoughts. I particularly liked: “But to err is human, and to worry is human. And if we err, than we are probably going to worry about it.” It sums up the futility of worry, really. The human-ness of it.

    In parenting, worry is particularly insidious, because we are models to our children. Trying to teach them how to deal with concerns without uselessly ruminating is hard! But in a way, I think it helps me be a bit more mindful of my own thought patterns.

    It’s interesting that SB (above) has quoted Proverbs. I find the Bible a good source of counsel about worry.

    Well, here’s hoping we all get better at ditching the concerns and learn to breathe a little more freely!
    Sally Oakley (@SallyRavels) is talking about ..Better than a *bespoke* in the eye…My Profile

    • says

      Thank you so much Sally. We worry, and then we become parents and then we really know what worrying is all about. And we haven’t even got to the teenage years yet. Yes, to worry is a very human-like trait. Best to hand it over to someone else!

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