{my place & yours} where I sleep

{my place & yours} where you sleep

So finally getting around to joining in with Vic and my place and yours. This week’s theme is Where I Sleep, and fittingly enough it is all very lazy on my behalf because I already had this photo of where I sleep.

This was one of the first photos I took with my Diana mini, hence the arty blurriness of it all, also great for hiding the mess. This is typical of the scene though ~ covers thrown back on one side after I have leapt out of bed in a mad rush realising I’ve turned the alarm off twice and it is now only 45 minutes until I have to get the kids out the door for school.

This photo is aptly titled “bedhead”.

Join in with my place and yours.


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    Kellie I love this photo so much, the bluriness really suits it I think. Like Vic I love the head indents too.
    this is seriously one of my favourites of your photos xo

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    It’s a gorgeous arty photo! I was thinking of getting my arty 15 year old daughter a Diana for Christmas, are you having fun with it? Do you think it would be a good gift for a teenager?

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      Hi Sophie, Thanks. If she is interested in photography then yes. It’s a sweet little camera and lots of fun without too much technical stuff. Obviously film photography is not the cheapest hobby and it can take some getting used to but the mini comes with a neat little instruction book and there are plenty of videos on YouTube about loading the film.

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      Thanks Lib! I did think of “blurry dreams” at one point as I’m incredibly short-sighted and wear glasses, so this how it would look to me!

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