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advent calendar

I did it.

With hours to spare ~ as in the minutes before the smalls came home from school yesterday ~ I had 25 little packages tagged, numbered and wrapped ready for the advent calendar.

advent calendar

Last night, while they were sleeping I put it up on the wall in what is supposed to be the shape of a Christmas tree. The execution is a little on the dodgy side in true Kellie fashion {I need reinforcements because the masking tape isn’t holding too well!} but at least Master 9 did recognise the tree shape!

It was all very hush hush and a massive surprise for them this morning. And for hubby who was also in bed when I put it together.

I included a little welcome letter as this is the first time we have had an advent calendar quite like this.

Each little paper bag contains a little card {see printable below} with a message ~ sometimes a clue like :

Christmas is coming, its almost here,
Time to start counting the days of cheer
There’s a special gift on mummy’s chair
Find it, open it and don’t forget to share

{this kicked it off and lead to the Lego advent calendar I had stashed away}

or something simple like :

Santa Says
Don’t forget to brush your teeth
{with some new toothbrushes}

I’ve also included some charitable activities which include putting presents under the wishing tree at a department store and one bag includes those clever gifts of chickens and pencils from World Vision.

advent calendar proccess

The whole she-bang is a mixture of activities and treats ~ some chocolate Santas, gold coins, as well as reading The Night Before Christmas and going to see the Christmas lights.

There were some moments of panic yesterday when I had two tags and three activities or when a sheet of numbers went missing. And I need to call in the blu-tack brigade to keep the bags up I think.

But it was all worth it! Their excitement was contagious.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

If you want a quick and easy way to make your own, I’ve included the printables below.

And if you want to see my list of advent activities and treats, click here {Google Docs}

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  1. says

    Aren’t you a lovely mum! I have to admit i just don’t get advent calenders. Could be because we never did them in our house – but i will def be looking at introducing them in a years or two when my little man starts to understand Xmas a little more.

    • says

      I only ever had those supermarket chocolate ones. They are probably gaining in popularity. And yes, definitely good for older kids. Helps them keep track of the days without having to ask all the time!

    • says

      Thanks Cyndy. It really didn’t take too long. And the activities have helped me plan out the month a bit too which has been really great for me! Makes me feel more organised.

    • says

      Thanks Ally. I thought of blu-tack but didn’t have any. I ended up getting a noticeboard and pinning them which worked a treat. And it was big enough to hold them all too which was great! My biggest fear is the dog and the chocolate coins hidden in one bag, but so far he has left it alone!


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