{74 ways} random thoughts on one of *those* days


Why are those days always pretty much on Wednesdays? Although quite often they come on Mondays, too.

Do you have those days?

For me, those days are when you throw your hands up in the air.

The list of things you’ve gotten done today is long, but the to do list is longer.

You congratulate yourself that it is only 10.30am and look how much you’ve done.

You curse yourself that is 1.30pm and you are running out of time ~ and when you last looked it was only 10.30am.

It’s one of those days.

On this day of those days, I had something all planned, and for once I’ve gone with my better judgment, not against it, and put it aside until I can give it the time it requires.

Completely against my deadline-pushing nature.

I’ve had enough and I’m giving up on today.

Those days really just get all too hard.

I’m giving over to the random and letting go of the chaos.

Starting afresh tomorrow.

And sharing some of the random thoughts rolling around in my head //

  • My little study would be greatly improved with the addition of fairy lights.
  • I love that moment when you drive by a tree and a flutter of leaves fall from the branches. Magic.
  • Whenever I see a street light come on or go off, I think of Harry Potter.
  • I love that my littlest came home the other day and told me about alliteration. The grammer geek in me is proud.
  • I think I will now teach him about onomatopoeia. I love the word onomatopoeia

The picture is fibre optic lights on one of our Christmas trees, if you’ve been following along it is also known as the smalls’ tree. It changes colour which makes for hours of fun taking photos of blurry Christmas lights.

Ever have those days? Got any random thoughts to share?

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