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If you have been around here awhile, you would have already heard me talk about Souvenir Foto School.

I’ve completed several sessions with the SFS gang, in fact you can see my testimonial here. I always find it a rewarding time for my photography ~ both through the challenges and through the feedback you get from classmates.

This is my alphabet set from last time.

1. a is for acorn, 2. b is for baking biscuits, 3. c is for clouds, 4. d is for dog, 5. e is for eggs, 6. f is for fowl, 7. g is for gumnuts, 8. h is for hands {or hold}, 9. i is for ivories, 10. l is for lens, 11. j is for jonquils in a jug, 12. k is for Kellie, 13. m is for magenta, 14. n is for new, 15. o is for orange {silly version}, 16. o is for orange, 17. p is for polaroid, 18. q is for question mark, 19. r is for ring {or perhaps remember}, 20. s is for shoes + sunshine, 21. t is for tail, 22. u is for untitled {or unexpected ~ tks A}, 23. v is for vehicle, 24. w is for water fight, 25. w is for water fight, 26. x is for x-ray, 27. y is for yellow people, 28. z is for zest

Already, I can see how far I’ve come as a photographer and I look forward to building on that again this challenge.

Tristan, aka Miss B, from besotted brand, is the “headmaster” of this school. Here’s a little bit about this year’s class from her.


  • A place to hone your skills with a focused set of prompts
  • A community of photography enthusiasts of all levels
  • A hotbed of creative inspiration
  • A place to ask questions + gain confidence in your skills
  • A supportive + positive photo environment


  •  A Photo 101. You won’t be learning about all the bobs and bits on your camera.
  • Just a DSLR class! You can use ANY camera you have available to you in the amount of time you have. So, if you are shooting film, it may get expensive to develop your shots everyday, but heck who are we to stop you from doing so?
  • This is not an editing class although we may share some editing resources amongst the class.
We will take a photo-a-day for 30 days, using the alphabet as our guide. Of course we will get into more detail once you sign-up. We will also be giving away 3 scholarships for those that can’t budget this right now, but would really like to join. We can’t wait to see you in class so for a mere $30 (that’s less than a latte a day!) you can take your photo skills to the next level!

This session there will be a small fee involved but we know from experience where your photos can go in a 30 day class period and feel this nominal fee will be a drop in the bucket in building your photography chops. ~ Miss B

You can sign up right here

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