{paper trail} put a pin on it

{paper trail} put a pin on it

Going old school today ~ the old-fashioned pinboard. Ever since this lovely from SUCK UK landed in my inbox I’ve wanted to fill the walls with pinboards! I love the idea of an array or arranged and messy inspiration and mood boards. Something to strike every creative whim.

  1. Ornate moulded pinboard from SUCK UK
  2. Linen Board from Pottery Barn
  3. Or make your own with a tutorial at bspoke blog
  4. Perhaps a baroque styled board via design*sponge 
  5. Framed bulletin board by Martha Stewart
  6. Use a rusty tray and magnets ~ sweet paul
  7. And Holly from decor8 has some tips for a lovely mood board here

{images from their respective sources}

{photo pulp} almost there ~ an SFS update

SFS update

1. {r} is for rice, 2. {s} is for spinach, 3. {t} is for tumeric, 4. {u} is for udon noodles, 5. {v} is for vegemite, 6. {w} is for watermelon

So down to the tail end of the Souvenir Foto School alphabet challenge. My crazy idea seems to be coming together, although ‘x’ is proving problematic. I’ll be sliding into the deadline by the skin of my teeth and today’s rainy weather will not be helping matters. I do look forward to bringing them altogether at the end though and I’m happy I jumped on this theme and have kept it consistent for the most part, which was part of my aim for this challenge.

One more update to come ~ I’ll see you on the other side.

You can see the entire set here

a / b / c / de – gh – k / l – q /

{tuesday’s top 5} rainy day tunes

Inspired by the weather again today. The greyness of the other day has stuck around in the form of some serious rain clouds. It is wet. They are predicting more than 100 millimetres in some parts of the state. So what’s a girl to do? Make a list, of course. The top 5 songs about rain that pop into your head. {It’s surprisingly easy!}

  1. Singing in the Rain ~ a classic and obvious inclusion
  2. Raindrops keep falling on my head ~ by BJ Thomas and from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  3. Summer Rain ~ The ’90s hit by Belinda Carlisle, coincidentally touring Australia right now!
  4. November Rain ~ Another ’90s classic is this  epic Guns ‘n’ Roses tune
  5. Set Fire to the Rain ~ jump into the modern-day era with  a fantastic live rendition of this Adele hit

Do you have a favourite rainy day song?


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