{photo pulp} more food play ~ an SFS update

SFS update

1. {h} is for haloumi, 2. {i} is for ice cream, 3. {j} is for jelly, 4. {k} is for kiwi fruit

I thought I would give you another quick update on my submissions for the Souvenir Foto School. I appear to be going through a rocky patch in the this part of the alphabet. Some difficult and unco-operative subjects. Although I really love the project as a whole so might go back and shoot a few when the series ends, if outside of the “school session” to make a complete set I’m happy with. It will also help to have more time in which to do it, rather than the daily rush to get a letter done and settling on second-best.

{i} is currently at the top of list I letters to re-shoot. My class mates have given me some ideas on how to improve this photo.

Care to take a stab at what {l} might be?


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  1. Fi says

    The ‘i’ would be cuter if you used sprinkles to shape the letter…
    I’m guessing ‘l’ would be lasagne, lentils, lamb chop or… lunch!

    • says

      I had sprinkles, Fi, but the colours kept running into the ice cream, which of course was after i spilt them everywhere! I really want to use sprinkles because I want that pop of colour. I think I’m definitely going to re-shoot {i} when I have a bit more time, and light.

      People are coming up with so many great L ones now, how cool would an L cut out of lasagne be!?

      • Fi says

        Hmmm, maybe if you froze the sprinkles first it would give you more time before they started running? What might also work, though it would be fiddly to get right, is that chocolate sauce that freezes when you put it on icecream, with the ‘i’ cut out of that so you can see the ice cream underneath – sprinkles go on the choc sauce. (Cut the i out of something thick first so you can use it as a resist for the sauce to go around.)


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