{seeds} busy versus productive

{seeds} Tim Ferriss ~ busy versus productive

I’ve been  more of the first and less of the second this week. I was afraid to write a to do list because, hey, who wants to see a list that long. I had plenty to do and not enough time to do it in. To the point today, about midday I threw in the towel.

I was wandering, meandering, aimlessly through the digital world and getting nothing done. I don’t mean I was distracted by Twitter or Pinterest or anything, I couldn’t even focus on them.

Sometimes I think being busy is a state of mind. And it’s relative to each and every person. And today, for most of this week, I was being busy, and getting. nothing. done.

It was time to step away from the computer, and the work, and just be for a while. A Control+Alt+Delete of my own hard drive.

It was only then realised there was nothing pressing I had to do right now, that the focus of today was on several meetings with clients and school-related items. Spend some time helping No.1 with a homwork assignment, like I said I would. To get through dinner and the day, relax and plan for tomorrow.

Plan for a productive day.

So, are you being busy or productive?

Thanks Tim Ferriss

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    I think you’re right about ‘busy’ being a state of mind – so easy to feel that if you’re doing something, anything then it’s better than doing nothing. I think that’s especially true when you have your own business. It’s so important to step back (often) and ask yourself this question – hopefully it’ll help us stay focussed!

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    Today was my day off and thankfully it was a blessed mix of busy and productive.
    Swimming Club organising out of the road for our carnival this weekend and then back home to catch up on biz related work, before it was up to school for a information evening.
    Love your Control+Alt+Delete – going to use that on my kids at work!!
    Tasha xo
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      That does sound like a lovely balance of both Tasha. I know at the end of the day I like a sense of achievement. That’s my productivity measure. I’m firmly in the negative at the moment.

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