{snapshot} beginnings


Today I temporarily switch shift at my pays-the-bills job. This also means a big shift in routines and waking hours.

I let go of my night owl tendencies and become a bit of an early bird. And so I see scenes like above ~ sunrise. {And who knew it was still so dark at 6am!}

Well at least I do thanks to Hubby, who rang when he got to work this morning to remind me to pop outside and check out the sky.

Which brings me to the other special thing about today ~ it’s our wedding anniversary. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and biggest supporter.

So today, it’s about beginnings. The start of a new phase, the start of another year of wedded bliss, the start of seeing something new.

And it’s the start of a new week.

Are you beginning anything today?

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      Aw Jess, thank you! Don’t worry, he knows :) I try and look on the positives of the early starts. It means a completely different routine for us and is more like a “normal’ routine, which has its positives. Although I miss having the days to myself while the kids are at school!

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