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The weekend has dawned beautiful and bright and I’m bursting to take some photos this weekend. I figure it’s finally time to stop waiting for that perfect moment and plan to load up my polaroid with some Impossible Film {wish me luck}. But also, my parents bought me a camera. They bought, for $5, a vintage Yashica Minister III, with manual! I can’t wait to load it up with film and see if it works. The chances are good.

What’s planned for your weekend? Need some inspiration, start here.

And don’t forget, #74funthings on Twitter today ~ it’s all about Easter.


{friday freebies} April calendar and new planner

74 Lime Lane ~ April Calendar

This weekend marks the beginning of April. I won’t state the obvious {time flies and all that}.

My little ladybug friend is the covergirl for this month, with a splash of orange ~ for spring in the north and autumn in the south.

Download the April calendar here

As time marches on, winter sports get into full swing and the smalls are going every which way and what, and I’m trying to keep my sanity and tackle too many projects and ideas at once, I also put together a DIY printable planner you can use anyway you want.

Despite all my digital devices, I find myself always finding the urge to scribble.

74 Lime Lane - DIY printable planner

This has five weeks/rows, seven days/columns you can use at will, a to do list and a space down the bottom to write notes and to doodle, and space for important headings. All in the lightest grey so you can truly make it your own. Plus a little inspirational quote at the bottom. I’ve seen version of monthly planners around but needed to have all the bits and pieces I needed, like more scribble space, and so I thought I would also share it with you.

Download the printable planner here

{for personal use only, feel free to pin/share/tweet, just link back to this post ~ thank you}

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