{zesty find} Paris in Color

{zesty find} Paris in Color

One of my dreams is to one day visit Paris but in the meantime I live vicariously through the Nichole Robertson’s blog Little Brown Pen and her beautiful photography.

I’ve bought some of Nichole’s beautiful photos through her store, now called The Paris Print Shop and next on my wishlist is her new book Paris in Color.

The book brings together Nichole’s beautiful collections of Parisian life based around a single shade.

You can read more about how the book came about here.

{snapshot} vintage finds and serendipity


Remember the other day I went on a vintage treasure hunt, mainly in search of cameras after getting a tip-off from my parents.

Well the tip off came to nought, although I did pick up some lovely set of three green tins, but we wandered around, finding, and leaving, lots of other treasures {I’m still thinking about a lovely old wooden school desk I spotted} when we passed a shop that was closed but in the window were some old cameras, covered in cobwebs. Disappointed I instead plotted how I could fit in a return trip.

So funny story. The cafe we were going to visit was also closed so it was time to turn back. We stopped around the corner from the main street to have a look at a lake and I wandered back along the street to snap the lovely old Kodak sign above that was on the side of an old building.

That’s when my luck started to change.  There was now a man sitting outside the shop with the cameras and, from the odd angle I was standing at, the door appeared to be open.

So back in the car and I pulled up outside and I vowed not to leave without a camera. {I mean, I needed something to blog about!}

After poking around, we came back to the window. I asked for prices, I haggled, I got a deal for two. {I was also very proud of myself ~ I’m not usually a haggler}.


This one is badged Trixette but was also known as Nixette. It takes 120 film, a medium format film originally produced for the Brownie, and shoots by 6×6 images. Would be very cool to try out! You can still buy 120 film from the Lomography shop so I tempted to clean her up and give it a whirl!


This is a No.2 Autographic Folding Brownie ~ and I spotted some on Ebay ~ and was produced between 1915 and 1926.  Suitably impressed by the age of this thing and to think I picked it up in a little second-hand shop. She needs a bit of a clean-up but will take pride of place among my collection.

I love how that old Kodak sign eventually led me to my finds.


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