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unless someone like you ...

We went to see The Lorax today. It was such a visual feast ~ I love the way these movies bring the Seussical worlds to life. I saw mixed reviews but I thought it was great ~ not too long, funny moments musical numbers and some bits only the adults will get.

I haven’t done a {seeds} post for a while so it seemed only fitting to throw one in today.

I loved the “unless” monument and this quote, which they displayed at the end. You only need one person to plant that seeds, and then a whole army of  “someones” can work to make things better. I’m hoping my children took away some really simple but effective messages from the movie.

Coming home, I was poking around YouTube and found the original cartoon of The Lorax and I also started a Seussical channel. The Sneetches are among our favourites.

Oh, and you’re looking for a {zesty find} ~ look no further than these Lorax chucks by Converse.

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      I thought it was good. Some say it rammed the message a bit but I didn’t really find that at all. And the story has had it’s usual fleshing out for the movie length but the details are there. And it is just so beautiful!

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