{top 5} grow it, don’t throw it

{top 5} grow it, don't throw it

You’ve probably seen it, if not on Pinterest then elsewhere, growing fruit and vegetables from your scraps.

It’s intriguing idea that I would love to investigate. Our lovely chooks eat most of our scraps but they don’t eat everything. And who doesn’t love popping out to the garden to grab what they need for dinner.

So I did a little digging {so to speak} and found some ideas for growing your own produce from the leftovers:

  1. Spring onions and leeks: Pop them in a glass or jar of water  in a sunny window. Change the water regularly and you will get several clippings of regrowth. More here
  2. Celery: Cut off the base and pop it in the dirt. It looks a little bit of sun and lots of water. Tips here
  3. Avocado: Wash the seed and let it dry overnight.  Peel off the brown outer skin and stick four toothpicks in the centre at equal intervals.  Place in a jar of water with the flat side of the seed down and the pointed side up, leaving one-third of the seed in water.  Store in a dark place. Roots will grow in the water and a stem will rise from the top of the avocado seed.   Get the full instructions here.
  4. Sweet potato: Wash well and cut off one end and stick in toothpicks at even intervals.  Place the cut end in a jar of water and in a light-filled corner. Vines and roots will start to grow. More here.
  5. Garlic: Cloves of  garlic can be planted like seeds. Get the how-to here

A Google search will throw up many more possibilities including pineapple, apples and more.

Have you grown anything from the scraps?

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