{the five} dreaming of adventures

{the five} dreaming of adventures

Let’s get one thing straight first up ~ I’m not very adventurous.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of places I would like to see, I just have a little trouble leaving my comfort zone. And it’s hard to take fabulous photos in your back yard ~ all. the. time.

So a little adventurous inspiration today from these talented people:

  1. Fifi Du Vie
  2. Shaun Sundholm
  3. Zach Terrell
  4. Leah Flores
  5. The Wheatfield

{images from their respective sources}

{zesty find} prints by 55 Hi’s

{zesty find} print by 55 Hi's

It’s Monday, and my brain is as foggy and the morning we woke up to, so I was quite drawn to this print and it’s reassuring words. But I couldn’t go past this, which guarantees a smile this Monday.

I know how the fox feels ~ I’m a bit sick and tired of doing some of the same things over and over, too.

From 55 Hi’s

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