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50 shades of green

The day has dawned clear and crisp and the best part is we have few plans this weekend. Instead, it will be about ideas into action, creative projects.

And more snapping. This is one of the shots out of my new camera. I’m amazed at the difference it makes. And it has such a lovely sound.

Meanwhile, some things to make, read and do.

Be // 17 tips to make your life easier {via a cup of jo}

Bloggy // The Top 100 WordPress plugin developers {and don’t forget to say thank you}

Do // Build a bonfire and make a s’mores kit

Photo // Using georgraphy in your photo composition

Covet // This girl’s style

Make // Something for the 100 beanie drive

Get // My favourite app this week ~ Over {iTunes link here}~ to put text on photos

Look // One of my favourite movies ~ Living in: You’ve Got Mail

Go // Check out this colourful water tower in Brooklyn

Watch // 100 riffs ~ a brief history of rock ‘n’ roll

And have a great weekend! Hopefully I will get out and do some more snapping!

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    • says

      Surprised by my movie choices? Yes, love You’ve Got Mail, but also a massive fan of the Blue Brothers so it’s an eclectic collection of favourites!

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