{friday freebie} writing a letter

writing a letter

Recently, I received a box of the new Papermate Inkjoy pens* and the smalls and I, always partial to a lovely new pen, have been testing them out.

They have the most lovely flow to write with it and what I really love them, as the mother of boys who are not known for their neat handwriting, the shape helps to nudge them into using a more correct grip.

And because recently, the eldest received his pen licence ~ which was considered a most exciting day ~ he’s snaffled a blue one to take to school.

With Christmas and the requisite letter to Santa coming up, as well as attempts to keep in touch with far flung family and friends, the smalls decided to sit down to write some notes. And so I whipped them up this quick printable to help them contain their scrawl and keep it legible.

{friday freebies} letter-writing sheet

There’s space for their name and a little spot to draw a picture.

I’ve included the printable here in two sizes for international readers. There’s two writing sheets per page, jus trim down the middle.

Download writing sheet A4

Download writing sheet Letter

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*These items were gifted

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