{snapshots} nature and neon

neon native

The Mr brought these lovelies home from the farmer’s market on the weekend, so naturally I had to get the macro lens out and take a few shots.

neon native

The colour is so vibrant, not to mention the structure of these blooms, Mother Nature is certainly a bit crafty and clever.

neon native

And the colour got me thinking and inspired by neon, so I went for a quick scout around the house.

neon find

I’d actually picked up these pens in the supermarket while doing the groceries, I couldn’t leave that packet of glorious colour behind.

neon treasure hunt

And these items were the result of a quick treasure hunt ~ sad to say I couldn’t put my hand on anything yellow, will have to rectifiy that!

Now a neon-flash of news:

  • Instagram now has web profiles, you can find me here.
  • I’ve been taking a lot of iPhone snaps lately and posting my #fmsphotoaday to quotidien, too
  • ¬†These cloud pictures are stunning ~ I would love to try this out but naturally it’s a clear sky today!
  • I’m a Canon girl ~ love this print
  • Also a hoarder ~ should probably take this advice
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