{photo pulp} 12 on 12/12/12

12 on 12/12/12

So you would have all noticed yesterday’s date. Hard to miss really. Leading up to the day, I thought it would be a fun day for a photo project.

I put the idea up on Facebook and fortunately, Alana pointed me in the direction of someone who did actually organise one on Instagram ~ Our Little Sins using the hashtag #12on121212

So here’s 12 snipppets from my day:

One //  waking up

Two // Waiting at the mechanics

Three // First coffee of the day

Four // Market flowers on the table

Five // 12:12

Six // Organising a blog post

Seven // It was a sleepy kind of day

Eight // Taxiing

Nine // At work

Ten // Obligatory feet shot

Elevent // Heading home at the end of the day

Twelve // Countdown ~ seemed an appropriate finish

Tech pulp: I used Snapseed to edit the pictures, Phonto for the text and shared on Instagram


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