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If you are reading this in a RSS reader, you might want to pop over and check out the new decor Lime Lane.

I’ve seen lots of people lately enjoying the new year for the simple reason it means a fresh start, in some ways a blank slate. I thoroughly agree with this sentiment.

So it is here, with the festive period behind us, that we begin again here at no. 74.

The survey has been refreshing, affirming and in some ways eye-opening. I hate to gush, but I will, because I have to say thank you for your responses, your honesty and feedback. It has truly been helpful more than I could have ever expected.

A quick rundown on the result ~ and the way forward.

The top 3 favourite posts

The 3 least favourite posts:

So there were some definite keepers and some definite cutbacks to make. A little reassessment.

What will you notice?

As of the weekend, we start again at no.1. The popularity of the zesty finds makes me think I need to bring them back to the blog (the social media experiment never really worked anyhow). And a few of you asked for more crafty and DIY links and the like, so again I will bring that back to the blog and scrap #74funthings on Twitter.

Naturally those old favourites won’t be going anywhere. The top 5 lists were also reasonably popular so they will stay. But zesty tweets,well I’ll admit I’m torn. So I’m going to stew on that one.

You can still add your comments to the survey here.

And I’ve declared 2013 the year of the newsletter. You can read about that, and sign up for zesty goodness straight to your inbox here.

PS. I’m also changing my ads over to Passionfruit ads. It works great, easy to do and you are in control. For all the info, stats and to book a spot go here.

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  1. Megan Y says

    Love the new style – a great start to the New Year! Look forward to the new content coming through.

    Great work Kellie – looks schmick!

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