sunday snapshot // 03

Happy Easter


Happy Easter my zesty friends. I hope you are finding time to relax this weekend and spend time with loved ones.

We have been taking it very easy this holiday weekend, and letting it take us wherever the mood strikes. No plans, just deciding as we go. A very relaxing way to spend our time.

A few things from the week:

It’s been a quiet weekend at Lime Lane but a couple of things:

On Lime Lane Photography:

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lime link love // 12

lime link love // 12

    1. Fascinating ~ 22 abandoned places around the world
    2. Would love to go here, too ~ The Singing tree
    3. Just wow! Photographers climb the pyramids to capture the view
    4. Beautiful visual search of Google images
    5. What 2000 calories looks like
    6. Cardboard furniture~ and it’s Australian made
    7. My grammar nerd self loves this ~ Graffiti gets spell-checked
    8. The detail! Carved crayons depict the alphabet
    9. Brush up before the movie ~ The Great Gatsby character map
    10. Playing with this app ~ Ink ~ this weekend / via swiss miss


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