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I can’t tell you how much this image sums me up!

I mean, I love being at home with my little family. But during the week, when the kids are in school, I relish just staying at home, by myself, for those six hours they are gone, content not to go anywhere or see anyone.

It might be my only child upbringing, it might be my introvert side, I don’t know, but I more than happy with my own company. And the internet!

This week was of course a big week with Lime Lane making the Top 100 for Kidspot’s Voices of 2013 in the Creative and Home category.

And to celebrate, I’ve got a special ad deal. Use the code “Voices13″ and get 20% off any ad space here on the blog. Go here to get all the details and book a space.

This week:

No posts from Life at Lime Lane this week, not any that were published, just a lot of half-written drafts. Stay tuned.

But on Lime Lane Photography //

And this week’s newsletter: Small gestures and the importance of connections


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  1. says

    I’m right there with you–but in a separate room, so we can be alone. ;) Most of my friends can’t wait to be around people, to get out of the house and do things, and I am so completely opposite that. I am a homebody, completely content to be at home or on my own. I do make myself socialize because it’s good for me, but I could easily go days without realizing I hadn’t spoken to another person. :)
    gretchen/june at noon is talking about ..Purple XMy Profile

  2. Rachel says

    Thank you so much for your post that tells me I’m not the only one with these sort of feelings. Like you and Gretchen, I’m a homebody who loves the solitude and peace of being by myself. It gives me the chance to explore, I guess mostly on the internet. Sometimes it’s not easy to say this out loud for fear of being judged so it’s nice when you find people who shares the same feelings and you know they will understand what you mean. I enjoy socialising too but have no problems being on my own as I can find plenty to keep myself occupied. You have a lovely blog :D

    • says

      Welcome Rachel, and you are indeed not alone! :) You’re right, there probably is judgment out there, and more so if you are a mum saying I like to be alone [but what about the children, or your family?]. I too have plenty to keep me occupied, maybe that’s the difference! And thank you for your kind words. K


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